Declaration of adherence to the rigorous agitation program if not demanded

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-28 12:51:51

Declaration of adherence to the rigorous agitation program if not demanded

According to the Central Committee of the Bangladesh Divisional Commissioner's Office Employees' Association (Babikkakas) Bangladesh Collectorate Assistant Association (BAXAS), the three-day program will not accept the demand for change of position through full-day work breaks. The leaders of Babikkakas and Bakas announced.

Divisional Commissioner and District Administration play the most important role at the field level in implementing the government decision. Perform the direction of the Public Administration Ministry for the postal secretariat / official work, the creation of digital Bangladesh, the use of information and communication technology, e-documents, departmental commissioner and district The role of assistant staff in administration is paramount.

 The speakers spoke at the forum organized by the Chittagong Divisional Commissioner and the district administration's office on the last day of the three-day program, on the last day of the three-day program, demanding a change of rank for the employees of the third class from 9am to 5pm.


Speakers said, "We have been working sincerely with the administration officials to implement all the directives and public decisions of the third class employees at the district and upazila level in a very smooth manner. While other government offices have been given social status in changing the rank and pay scale of the employees." Assistant to the Divisional Commissioner and District Administration Ganadera name change does not meet the demand.

The speakers also said that if a memorandum was given to the ministry in 2002 to change the designation of the departmental commissioner and assistant to the district administration, the Secretary of the Ministry of Establishment and Finance was required to take necessary steps. Approve This has not been implemented so far. As a result, the divisional commissioners and third class employees in the district administration are still neglected to change the designation. Speakers commented that he was going to the post of deputy secretary.
During the three-day program, the speakers announced that if the demands of administrative officers, assistant administrative officers, private officers and assistant private officers were not met, then on 28th February , the central committee directed that the great rally be followed by rigorous agitation. And the leaders of the forum called on all the third class employees of the field administration to remain united.

Bangladesh Divisional Commissioner
Kamrul Islam, president of the Central Committee of the Office Employees' Association (Babikkakas) and senior vice president of Bangladesh Collectorate Assistant Association (Bakas) Chittagong district spoke on the dais, "Babikkakas" Hamaj Talmuk, general secretary of the central committee. , High Quality Assistant Helal Hossain, Jinnat Ali Chowdhury, Nepal Kanti Das and Kamal Jose .
 Further, "Bakassas"
Swadesh Sharma, vice-president of the divisional committee, Udayan Kumar Barua, convener of the movement's implementation committee, Chittagong district general secretary SM Arif Hossain, central committee members Mohammad Jamal Uddin and Nurul Muhammad Kader. Prakash Kumar Chowdhury, Kajali Devi, Abdul Mannan, Begum Sadia Nur, Safiul Alam, Md Jahangir Alam, Riaz Uddin, Shoaib Md Dulu, Parag Moni, Arpana Das, Saidul Islam, Shudra Chamma, Uttam Chamma and Syed Mohammed Chhatra of Baktas Chittagong district. , Mission Kanti Nath, Biplob Pal, Mohammad Ayub, Shuklal Mitra and Chinghalau Marma.