The internationally-known ISKCON temple is built at Hala in Panchlaish

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-23 00:21:28

The internationally-known ISKCON temple is built at Hala in Panchlaish

The entire temple of Makrana marble has been built in Rajasthan. Door-wood wood was collected from Africa and Myanmar. The length of the whole temple is 100 feet, width 50 feet and height 65 feet. This domed temple is set up in 18 rows of places.

Sri Jayapataka Swami laid the foundation stone of Sri Krishna Temple, the promoter of the International Krishnavanam Sangh (ISKCON) under Panchlaish police station in the city, on 23 January. Indian architect Pundarik Vidyadas Brahmachari designed the three-storeyed temple.

The campaign started from the 2010. The entire temple structure has been built for 9 years, consisting of 30 Indian and Bangladeshi workers. Workers of Rajasthan started the work of replacing traditional paintings on marble stone for the first time.

It has been found that the wall around the temple is covered with arabhat (elephant), whose palm is decorated with flowers. There are more than three hundred peacock echoes. There are a total of 5 stairs in the front and back for visiting the temple. The pillars of these stairs have been raised by conch wheel mattresses. Vishnu's handsome chakra is adorned in the highest three domes of the temple.

At the entrance to the temple, a replica of Sri Krishna's Vishwaroopa Darshan by Arjun has been set up, a Jai-Vijay idol of Dwarka of Vaikuntha. Inside each wall there is eye-catching design, seating. Artistic craftsmanship has been erected on doors and windows made of wood brought from Myanmar.

The temple governing body said that the lower floor of the temple would be used as an auditorium. Then on the 5th floor, Natam Temple, 2nd and 3rd Floor Temple. On the other hand, Sri Radha-Kunjbihari (Radha-Krishna), Lalita-Vishakha, on the other hand, Sri Jagannath-Baldev-Subhadra Maharani and on the right, Shri Gaur Nitai will be worshiped in the devotion of the devotees. The Enjoy Room (Prasad Culinary Room) will be set up outside the visitor's eyes. The temple authorities said that the bhogghar was being kept out of sight for the purpose of performing religious ceremonies in front of Deva Vigra after the cooking of Vogue. And on the other side of the roof are the priests' rooms.

The temple is decorated with ritual rings made of wood brought from Africa. The goddess of the temple is facing the bigotry by the founder of ISKCON Acharya Srila Abhayacharanarinda Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada Murthy.

Gaurang Das Brahmachari, who is in the service of the temple, said that the promoters' Sangha Smritsana Shiva Temple, Shri Vishnu's vehicle Garud Dev and Sriram Bhakta Mahavir Hanumanji temple were being set up beside this temple. Shriramilala, Nara-lion Leela, Guadarilla, Jagannath Leela etc. are being exposed for the work of fiber. There will be the murals of Lord Krishna Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda, Sri Dwight, Gadadhar, Shrivas, the Lord's people.

Rupeshwar Gourang Das, a member of the board of directors of ISKCON promoter Srikrishna Temple, said that the temple will be inaugurated and the life of the saint will be established on 5th March (Sunday) at the fifth Doh Mahathithi. He said that the temple was constructed at a cost of about Tk 50 crore. It is the most expensive Sri Krishna temple in Bangladesh. The monks will be inaugurated by Sri Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

A Krishna devotee of 130 people from 36 countries, 20-25 monks and maharajas and overseers of ISKCON temples in different districts of Bangladesh, Krishna devotees are coming to inaugurate the temple.

Uttamanand Nitai Das, who serves the temple, said that the temple will be built around a large devotional library, matchless gift shop, Bhaktivedanta charitable dispensary, old age, ISKCON Food Relief Program, Go-Shala, the best pilgrimage temple, huge guest house, vegetarian guest house, gourd guest house. Higher Education, Vedic Farm Community, Vedic Gurkharan, Akhand Harimana Sankirtan Manch.

Sripad Lilaraj Gaur Das Brahmachari, the principal of ISKCON promoter Sri Krishna Temple, said that through this temple at the hilltop of the promoter, ISKCON, in the city of Chittagong, has gained wide popularity among the traditional peoples. This temple is not only a tradition of Southeast Bengal but also a unique feature of Bangladesh in the context of aesthetic and Vedic art.

Bankim Sen, a follower of the Swati Swami movement, Motilal Roy, formed a promoter association with the help of donors and supporters of the society. In 1921, the activities of the Sangha began at Golpahar in Panchlaish. The entrepreneurs set up charka factories for the production of milk and ghee through the rearing of cows, orphanages, ashram, schools, bodybuilding centers, domestic weavers, for the purchase of 28 acres of land during the period from 1921-41.

Presently, a school and orphanage is being run under the initiative of the promoters' association. ISKCON has established an internationally known Sri Krishna Temple at the top of the hill with the generosity of the promoters' association.