The first Bangladeshi to suffer coronas in Singapore

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-02-11 21:46:19

The first Bangladeshi to suffer coronas in Singapore

One of the victims of the deadly coronavirus in Singapore from China has been Bangladeshis, the country's health ministry has confirmed. The information was released in a statement by the Singapore Ministry of Health Sunday evening.

As a result, the deadly virus was reported for the first time in Bangladesh. Three more people have been identified as having coronavirus in Singapore on Sunday.

Singapore's Health Ministry said three newly-infected had not visited China. The total number of people affected in this country stood at six. Singapore now ranks second on the list of coronavirus outbreaks.

Singapore's English daily The Straits Times says the Singapore Ministry of Health has identified a 3-year-old Bangladeshi migrant as a coronavirus. The Bangladeshi expatriate has been placed in the isolation ward of NCID in Singapore.

The country's daily says that on February 7, he had symptoms of coronavirus in his body. Later, on February 7, he was sent to a GP clinic in Singapore. The Bangladeshi expatriate was admitted to Changi General Hospital on February 7, two days after that.

The Straits Times says the coroner, who was admitted to the ICU of Changi General Hospital, was sent to Bedok Polyklini on February 7. Doctors confirmed the Bangladeshi coronavirus was infected early Saturday morning. He was later transferred to the isolation ward of NCID.

Singapore's health ministry says the Bangladeshi migrant went to the Mostafa Center in Little India before being admitted to the hospital. He stayed at The Leo Dormitory in Kuki Bukit.

So far, 8,900 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide from a seafood market in Wuhan last December. Coronavirus has spread to 25 countries and regions of the world. So far, nine people have died from the virus without the antidote and 2,212 have returned home after recovering.

The death toll in the coronavirus surpassed SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which was epidemic in 2002. At that time, a total of 5 lives were lost in more than 25 countries of the world, and 5,900 were affected by the SARS virus.