AJM nasir in Mike's hands to prevent Corona

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-23 17:43:13

AJM nasir in Mike's hands to prevent Corona

Mike Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin has taken the initiative to raise public awareness about the Corona virus infection.

From noon on 23th March, he has been traveling around the city turning out to be a major turning point in the city. At the time, Chittagong City Corporation has arranged an institutional quarantine at the General Hospital to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. Moreover, doctors at each ward medical center have been instructed in this regard.

He said that people in the quarantine of foreign return home will be alerted if they do not follow instructions. On their own, they have to be in the home quarantine to protect their family and their neighbors from coronary infections. If they do not mean instruction, inform the concerned administration. Let me know I'll take action. Do not confuse information by promoting social media through Facebook.

He added that due to the coroner's doubts, the income of all the workers has decreased. Due to this, the income of the lower income people has decreased. There has been frustration among them. In both these cases, the people have to stand beside the people with various initiatives. The mayor called upon the wealthy sections of the society to stay side by side in this time of trouble, with the help of unlucky people.

The mayor of the city met in Larkhan Bazar, Wasa Mora, GEC intersection, 2 No Gate, Sholashahar Railway Station, Muradpur, Bahaddar Hat, Chawkbazar, Jamalkhan, Kazir Deori, Anderkilla, Bakshir Hats.

Councilor Shaibal Das Sumon, Belal Ahmed, Member of the Awami League, Raihan Yousuf, Mayor's personal assistant, Waheedul Alam Shimul, Liton Roy Chowdhury, Awami League leader Baksh Md. Political leaders including Tareq were present.