Detached port city Chittagong

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-07 10:16:50

Detached port city Chittagong

After Dhaka, the port city of Chittagong was also virtually isolated from the country. East
According to the announcement, the Chittagong Metropolitan Police took effect from 10pm on Monday. Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) Commissioner Mahbubur Rahman said that such a difficult decision had to be taken to prevent the spread of coronary artery disease.

He said that according to the previous announcement, the police of the CMP had already taken place at the city gate, oxygen diversion, Karnafuli Shah Amanat bridge, Kaptai road head and Kalurghat bridge point from 9pm. At those points the police made barricades. It is closed to enter the city and get out of the city. Except for this restriction, persons and vehicles engaged in the transport of emergency services, medical, consumer goods and export goods will be excluded.

After the evening, the police position was noticed at various points in the city. Police officers were seen trying to stop the movement of unmanned vehicles and ordinary people. As a result, the appearance of different areas of Chittagong city after Monday evening was different from the previous day. People's movement on the road is very minimal. Apart from the drugstore, all-street shops were also closed. Neither man saw the glue or chatter. The silence of the city was quiet.
Originally, the Chittagong Metropolitan Police Commissioner said on Monday (6th April), after the capital Dhaka, to prevent the spread of pandemic coronavirus worldwide. Mahbubur Rahman imposed the ban.

Earlier in the evening, the Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) issued a notice on their Facebook page. It said, "For public awareness, it is reported that from now on to prevent the transmission and spread of coronavirus in the wider interests of the city, all persons involved in transporting and transporting vehicles, except for emergency services, medical, consumer and export goods transport activities in Chittagong metropolitan area. Has been given.
No person or transport shall be able to leave the Chittagong Metropolitan area without the person in charge of the above and may not enter the Chittagong Metropolitan area from another area.
It will go into effect tonight (6th April) and will remain in effect until further notice.
A checkpoint has already been set up by the Chittagong Metropolitan Police at all points of the Chittagong metropolis and at various points within the metropolis to confirm the matter.
Strict legal action will be taken against those who disobey the instructions. "