In the Corona situation the story of a humanitarian industrialist

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-04-08 12:27:16

In the Corona situation the story of a humanitarian industrialist

News reports that the owners of big industrial companies in the country are paying half their salaries as well as paying half of their salaries due to the Corona virus. Lab Aid owner Corona paid half of his wages to employees without getting sick, and employees were trimmed.

The owner of Kaniz Garments has trimmed those workers for demanding arrears. In such news, the workers set the precedent when they were spending time between anxious and anxious.

Subol Chandra Saha, Managing Director of SP Group of Narayanganj. About three thousand workers are employed under him. The coroner gave all the officers and employees of his company two-month advance pay from March to April, giving them a 35 days general leave from 26th  March.

If the situation is not normal, he promises to give Eid bonuses to all. Not only that, if the situation worsens, you will extend the holiday to everyone in need; And didn't worry about the job.

Corona has promised no fear of losing his job. Her factory has a labor-friendly environment and various humanitarian benefits for the workers. Garment owners do not see the duty of workers to perform their duties well. Because it is not comfortable for them, other workers are said to be deprived of such benefits.

Subahol Saha was not a debt-ridden, he did not get any benefit from the government and the banks. There is no charge against him. Today, during this crisis, everyone expects other industrialists like him to be human. The news is available from Facebook.