As much as the initiative in Chittagong to prevent Corona virus.

 Staff Reporter   |   Update: 2020-03-20 09:08:47

As much as the initiative in Chittagong to prevent Corona virus.

Various government agencies, agencies and authorities have taken various initiatives to prevent coronavirus in the commercial capital Chittagong. Holidays have already been announced at various educational institutes since the start of the Corona virus in China, screening of Corona virus was carried out by migrants and foreigners at Shah Amanat International Airport and Chittagong port.

The district administration is routinely conducting mobile courts in various upazilas of the city and the district to ensure the closure of home quarantine, coaching centers for expatriates to prevent coronavirus. At the same time, public meetings in all the sights and tourist centers including Chittagong Zoo, Guliakhali beach, Bansbariya beach, Kumira Ghat, Banskhali beach, Anwara beach have been banned.

The health department has arranged to provide medical care to certain hospitals in the city in case of coronary disease. A control room has also been introduced. In addition, an initiative has been taken to bring the Coronavirus Detection Kit.

Chittagong City Corporation has appointed a 10 member committee headed by the mayor under the direction of the ministry. In addition to spreading awareness about coronavirus, physicians from all health centers including leaflet bills and Chassis General Hospital have been instructed to ensure patients' services from being present at work.

Chittagong Metropolitan Police has taken various initiatives to prevent corona virus infection.

The CMP announced on Wednesday (18th March) all public gatherings at Patenga beach, Faiz Lake, Agrabad Jamburi Park. Shops have been closed in areas adjacent to the beach. Additional police have been deployed to prevent people from going to the area.

All social events were announced on Thursday (19th March) at hotels, clubs and community centers in Chittagong. Previous booking has been canceled. Citizens have been requested to refrain from organizing social events until the situation is normal.

Besides, quarantine has been arranged for the returning policemen after training at Dampara Police Lines. Chittagong court proceedings have been relaxed to prevent the transmission of Corona virus. Without being present, the accused can attend.

Meanwhile, the accused in the Chittagong Central Jail are being admitted to the jail through a thermal scanner. A building has also been prepared for quarantine inside the prison.

The National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate has been conducting regular market surveillance operations to prevent the sale of masks, hand sanitizers and essential commodities at increased prices.